Three great podcasts for food lovers

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The Food Programme’s podcast has become a staple of my listening week. Largely because the programme goes out on a Sunday lunchtime – not always a time when I can sit back and listen to the radio. The podcast lets me catch up while I’m cooking, washing up or walking down to the market. It’s a half hour insight into the world of food, covering a whole range of food-related topics… interviews with chefs, investigations into how our food is produced, and stories of forgotten foods that we’re in danger of losing.

It took me a while to realise that there are other great food podcasts out there, but now I have, there are two more I listen to regularly –

Broadcast from New York, Radio Cherry Bombe is another weekly listening treat. Each episode features conversations with women who work with food – everyone from growers and chefs, to writers and photographers, innovators and campaigners. I read Ruth Reichl’s novel Delicious after hearing her interview in one of the podcasts, and am in awe of the work done by 17 year old Katie Stagliano in helping create vegetable gardens to feed the hungry across America.

My latest podcast discovery is Prince Street, put together by Dean & DeLucca. Each month the show takes a different theme – the first two have been Preparation and Risk, while future episodes will feature Craving, Triumph and Secrets. I’ve discovered new food producers, recipes and stories that have got me thinking about the place of food in creating a better, fairer world. Check out the story of Rumi Spice in the Risk episode.


So, those are my top three food podcasts. What are you listening to? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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