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Podcasts for gardeners

Most times when I’m outside I prefer to hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing. But the gardener who tends my neighbour’s garden likes to turn up his radio good and loud. Every Friday. All day. Easy-listening local radio.

This means that Friday has become my day for catching up on podcasts. Not just Fridays though, they also make good listening when I’m walking to the shops or at the gym. There are some that I subscribe to and eagerly await each new episode, others I dip in to if they’re covering an interesting topic or have a guest I want to hear. This is my current list of favourites… let me know in the comments below if you can recommend any others.

Grow, cook, eat, arrange

This one definitely falls into the ‘subscribe’ category. I love listening to Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson chat about plants… it’s a mix of genuine enthusiasm and great practical advice.

Cultivating Place

These tend to be longer podcasts, and can sometimes take me more than one go to listen through to the end. Each week, Jennifer Jewell interviews a guest, guiding the conversation through plants, gardens, culture and science.

Fresh from the pod

This is a podcast I’ve only found recently. I’ve already listened to Tamsin Westhorpe chatting with guests Mark Diacono, Tom Hart Dyke and Anna Greenland, and there’s plenty more to keep Fridays filled with gardening talk.

Girl Flower

Not strictly a gardening podcast, but some of the guests joining Jessica Naish and Victoria Vaught are flower growers and florists always seem to so be full of love for their work, it’s inspiring to listen to.

A Way to Garden

Covering many aspects of gardens – but with a definite bias towards sustainable and wildlife-friendly, these podcasts are easy to listen to and packed with information.

Gardens, Weeds & Words

Andrew O’Brien draws his guests into conversations which meander through the role of plants and gardens in their work and the wider communities they are involved in. There haven’t been any new podcasts recently, but it’s definitely worth working your way through the ‘back catalogue’ of great interviews.

So, there you are – just a few ideas to get you going. One thing though… if you’re listening to podcasts outdoors, spare your neighbours and always use earphones!

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