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The Garden Deli is a kitchen garden producing fresh, flavour-packed, seasonal herbs and salads.


I grow using sustainable or (preferably) regenerative methods – building a healthy soil and creating habitat for the local wildlife. Making and using compost is a big part of the gardening year, along with growing nectar rich flowers to entice the bees, hoverflies and other insects. I don’t use pesticides, instead relying on natural pest control and good, old-fashioned weeding.


This year I’m growing a bespoke range of ingredients for a local vegetarian restaurant. We’re focusing on those difficult to find herbs and vegetables (courgette flowers, fresh borlotti beans, edible flowers…) and things that taste just so much better when they’re freshly harvested.


I also love to encourage and help anyone who likes the idea of growing some of their own food. If that happens to be you, check out the grow your own posts on the blog (coming soon…). If you don’t find the information you want there, get in touch and I’ll do my best to help.

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