My food growing adventures began with a few pots of herbs in a small backyard. Since then I’ve wrangled weeds on a large allotment, worked with individuals and local cafes to create beautiful and productive kitchen gardens, helped to set up a school gardening club, and developed my own edible garden full of herbs, vegetables and fruit. But wherever I’ve been sowing, growing and harvesting, it’s always been about producing delicious food, building healthy soils and encouraging wildlife into the garden.

The name The Garden Deli comes from a blog I wrote which developed over the years into a collection of thoughts, ideas and recipes inspired by my garden.  And I still write when it’s too cold, wet or dark to be outside – usually about food and/or gardening.  I now work as a freelance writer and recipe developer. I’ve written for a range of publications and brands. If you’d like to find out more about working with me, drop me a note.